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Seeking a general strategy for reaching for the unknown unknowns and making the finding of them useful.

  1. Watch for anything that is unusual and doesn’t fit a local environment.
  2. Seek and find nearby data points with similar characteristics.
  3. Seek trends and project them, and fill in the points between.
  4. Observe splitting points and study them in all dimensions.
  5. Approach and view the unusual things for similarities and differences.
  6. Apply alternate scan methods to discovered points, including nearby ones.
  7. View data and the things from as many alternate dimensions as possible.
  8. Generate alternate hypothesis’ of what might be there.
  9. Test validity of detected materials against hypothesis with different methods.
  10. Attempt to gestalt the various views into a grander observable coherent item.
  11. Create, sustain and destroy some data points and  re-gestalt the whole.
  12. Control the items behavior, and direct them into new behaviors.
  13. Find new uses for the controlled items behaviors.
  14. Present findings to colleagues and publish findings to the public.
  15. Ask for feedback, opinions and challenges to data, observing methods, theory.
  16. Combine item with existing things to make useful to the public.
  17. Check on possibilities of scaling up and mass production.
  18. Sell item through preëxisting channels.
  19. Find alternate uses for item, and support those who seek alternate uses.
  20. Remember the grander impact and prepare for environmental controls.
  21. Prepare for permanent disposal of worn out and discarded items.

Seeking to make the unknown unknowns into new and useful things.