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Today, I went to the UU church service in the Old Stone Church.

The Old Stone Church

The Old Stone Church on Franklin Street, Bend, Oregon. Shot in HDR mode. Click BIG

Typically about a hundred people show up to these meetings, and I like to get there early and help set up the tables and arrange the chairs, and stand at the door and greet people. It’s light work, that’s fun and useful, and gives me a chance to practice my self training of being kind to people. The events today were a bit unusual as it was a performance for El Dia Del Muerte, (Day of the Dead) presented by some American Indians.

An American Indian alter arrangement.

The altar arrangement which was used in the ceremonies. Shot in graphic outline mode.

There was plenty of Indian-style dancing and verbal ceremony, but out of respect for their personal rights I didn’t photograph that. After the service I walked over to Dudley’s bookshop – cafe.

Dudleys' was named for a local dog

Dudley’s bookshop and cafe in downtown Bend, Oregon. Shot HDR mode

There is a picture of Dudley the dog on the door. He still occasionally comes by His place. I met Debbie here, and while she was reading I talked animatedly for an hour with H. about my theory of how humanity was created by talking women selecting the best men for their mates. The men they chose had the qualities we now call human. Later Debbie and I went for an evening stroll.

Black and yellow warning

An arrangement of wordless warning signs and fall vegetation. Shot in graphic outline

The graphic outline mode in my Sony CyberShot DSC – 150 has some interesting features which are fun to play with. Generally, I like straight photography, but some of these features add a visual excitement to an otherwise bland subject.

Purple fall leaves and a grey wooden fence.

Purple fall leaves and a grey wooden fence. Shot in graphic outline mode.

This grey fence takes on a strange quality of isolating an apparently impenetrable woods from who knows what? Us? I don’t know, but it looks morbidly pretty.

A mailbox standing on its nose.

A mailbox standing on its nose. Shot in graphic outline mode.

Why has this mailbox has been standing like this for a couple of weeks?

Rain puddle reflection of a utility pole

A cross reflected in a rain puddle, beside an alternate route.

These last photos were taken on a short after sunset walk around my neighborhood. It was a fine day. We lived and lived and nothing happened.