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Chrysippus of Soli (279-207 BC) was a Classic Greek Stoic philosopher called “the second founder of Stoicism.”


Chrysippus, philosopher

Quotes from Chrysippus from: web, Wikiquotes, Chrysippus’ On Affections,

There is little to quote, which is a sad state of affairs for a person who was known to be a prolific author. He is said to have composed more than 705 works. All we have of this mountain of work is a few fragments. It was said of him that, “without Chrysippus, there would have been no Stoa,” no stoics. He created a logical system of philosophical thinking that is similar to geometry, or computer programing logic. But, that is also only known from secondary sources.

When there are no direct quotes from a person it impossible to quote them, and this series of posts about philosophers is based on direct quotes and first-hand information. Since there is none I am forced to move on to those alternate sources and assume that they will reflect what Chrysippus told them. This of course will be only a shadow. The sculpture was perhaps taken from life by the Greek sculptor and usually the Roman copies were good representations of the originals. Thus, it is strange that we may have a recognizable image of what he looked liked, which means only a little, and nothing of what he wrote, which means a lot.

But, as the Stoics would say, “Don’t worry over that over which you have no control.”