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Itching was a top story in today’s Google News. The story is about an obscure molecule that appears to trigger itching response in mice. With scientific discoveries it is impossible to know if they are important, but as something you can use today that article was infinitely useless. Perhaps after millions of research dollars finding some way to cope with this molecule and a thoroughly tested drug, it might become meaningful, but today it’s a laboratory oddity.
You can stop any patch of skin from itching right now if you follow a procedure I published on November, 1994 on paper, as a free booklet called Proba, with an article called Itch and repeatedly on the internet since then:

Itching, itching and more itching!!! How to stop itching???

Poison Oak, Poison Ivy itching cured with hot air.

What is curious for me is that it is near impossible to find this cure using the internet search engines. This method is so simple, it works every time in a few minutes, and doesn’t cost you any money. Just for fun click this search of Google itching-images. It shows a hilarious bunch of useless nonsense, and the click-throughs I followed were just as foolish. Here are the Poison oak itching images. Even when I searched the title Poison Oak, Poison Ivy itching cured, the search engines didn’t find the article above. The sad thing is that I have had abundant experience with poison oak before discovering my cure 19 years ago. It works! I know this after trying all of the half-cures mentioned in the blizzard of articles which get huge coverage. At this moment millions of people are suffering needlessly and grievously because they didn’t find my articles above.

Then I tried searching the exact title, Poison Oak, Poison Ivy itching cured with hot air, and scrolled down 18 pages and there it was the 182nd result. Even with an exact title very few people will search that far, and with less than an exact title no one would ever find this only cure that actually works. I know it works, and with a five minute experiment you will know it works on any itch too. The feedback is as quick and easy as hitting your finger with a rock, but in a good way. But, as I have said to everyone who knows me:

I am the world’s worst salesman!