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This is intended as an outline of an objective measure of how good and bad a person’s behavior may have been. The questions are intended to be precise yes or no answers, and are measured by a single occurrence in a day. For example, if the subject struck another person three times in one day that would count as one. If on three separate days during a week they struck someone, that would count as three strikes for the week. If there were no further strikes, that would count as three strikes for the month.

The table goes from serious personal harm through moderate infractions and on to minor social ineptitude.

Day Week Month Event – Did you …
      physically strike another person?
      physically strike an object in anger?
      swear at or insult someone?
      get too high to help take care of others?
      stand aside while someone needed physical help?
      get too high to take care of yourself?
      did you commit a felony crime?
      did you commit a misdemeanor?
      did you exceed the speed limit?

Below is the same type of chart but measuring good behaviors.

Day Week Month Event – Did you …
      risk injury to rescue another person from harm?
      physically prevent another person’s injury?
      praise someone for a kind act?
      give someone an unexpected gift?
      give someone directions they asked for?
      do some public volunteer work?
      clean up after another person’s mess?
      stop doing something like overeating?

This attempt to measure the level of social involvement by tabulating various kinds of behavior is only outlined, and I would appreciate input as to how it might be filled in.