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I am a member of the human species, and part of the responsibility Mother Nature bestows upon every member of every species is to support one’s own against all comers. Sometimes, in the course of life, each individual must contest against other members of their own species, but that too supports the general health of the common genome by assuring that the healthiest individuals are the ones to survive and propagate. We have been improved by our ancestors’ deadly struggles, against our fellows as well as against the world.

We have become temporarily the most successful species the Earth has produced at present, and we are dominating and destroying everything nature has provided in a natural evolutionary process of self-enhancement. That is obvious, and yet what doesn’t seem to be obvious is that our present way of life can not continue forever. The simple end point must come when energy needed to power our way of life becomes scarce. The only source of power that can survive several more doublings of human population is the sun, because all other energy sources here on Earth are finite. Present doubling time is approximately fifty years. In 1925 there were about two billion humans, and by 2025 there will be about eight billion. It seems unlikely that another one hundred years of this kind of growth could support thirty-two billion people, and therefore either people must choose to have fewer children, or Mother Nature will kill vast numbers of people. War within overabundant species is common with overcrowding, and may be considered a natural event. Willing population control is against the second law of humanity. First is to survive and the second is to reproduce. To attempt to control human population worldwide is clearly in direct opposition, not only to the theories of natural selection but to nature itself.

If we can not limit population voluntarily, and the world rebels even at the suggestion that we do so, then we must accept the soon-to-be encountered natural process of population collapse. The farming population of 1625 was only half a billion people, and population collapses will usually go well below a balancing point. Thus with eight billion people going below half a billion would mean that fifteen out of sixteen people would die during the collapse. Of course humanity will never expect that, and will refuse to consider it seriously until it is already in progress. Generally nearly everyone will be living better than they ever have right up to the collapse. The key precursor to collapse will be when there is state-organized confiscation of food.

I have been involved with projects where these types of issues have been discussed for months on end, and they never get very far because they require unpopular actions.

Doomsday with a food shortfall precursor

Doomsday with a food shortfall precursor

We can’t prevent population collapse, but we can support The Earth Ark.