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The EarthArk Project logo symbolizes seeds shipped to Antarctica

Over the last 2,000 blog posts I have attempted to discuss ways to improve the human condition. Many of these were personal, but most were intended to be of a humanity-wide interest. These posts try to predict what will happen based on obvious facts, even if these predictions are unpleasant, but they also attempt to find and suggest workable solutions to the problems. The prospects for humanity are grim if we don’t solve our problems soon, and the most unpleasant one to most people is placing a clearly defined limit on human population. The reason that is critical is because no matter how successful technology is, it can never cope with an infinite growth of population. That said, below is a list of search terms for this site which will help you see the problems and potential answers.







The EarthArk

When these thoughts depress me too much I watch the movie:

Dr. Strangelove

-Oh, why worry? Just listen to a little soothing music.

The De Castro Sisters –Mañana is soon enough for me.  

Dr. Strangelove – Vera Lynn – We’ll Meet Again