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I am a lazy person, and generally, perhaps always, choose the easiest way to do things. I watch a little TV before retiring — Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, and sometimes Tosh.0 or South Park, and I do like The Big Bang Theory, and coming back are Breaking Bad, and Mad Men, but that’s about it for my TV. Presently, however, I upped my screen viewing with a project of watching the various Shakespeare plays. There are a lot of plays and several available for each of the famous ones. In the last few weeks, I’ve watched — three Taming of the Shrew, one Two Gentlemen of Verona, three Henry V, two Hamlet, six Othello.

I read more than I watch TV, and usually finish any book I begin. Usually I write a short blog post about a book I like, and usually insert an idea that it generates in me. The motivation is to discover problems, define them and then offer a solution that is workable. Hopefully, once a workable solution is found it can be improved upon, or at least adapted to some similar problem.

Bend, Oregon, is a resort town with easy access to all sorts of sybaritic pleasures. It is a beautiful place to walk, and we do a modest walk every day, and once a week take a longer three-hour walk. It seems as if everyone but us has major pleasure equipment, like motorcycles, mountain bikes, ski-mobiles, ski equipment, mountain climbing gear, Winnebagos, or big pickups to tow their rafting stuff, boats, etc…

I hang out in Dudley’s bookstore coffee shop several times per week, for some good discussions, and go to the UU church, which has some additional discussion groups I participate in frequently. When I departed Berkeley two years ago, the absence of top-level free lectures was a concern, but successful intellectuals come by occasionally, like Stephen Greenblatt, so my mind hasn’t gone totally fallow. And, quite challenging for my old brain is the improvisation group named Triage I have been attending and studying with, although it will be a long time before I am ever requested to go on stage.

Then of course there is this blog! It takes some time and effort to produce these essays every day. I was doing them long before I moved here, so this is nothing new, but constantly finding new and useful things to explore and come up with reasonable improvements is challenging. It seems easy enough though because I find an abundance of things annoying about the world that need fixing.

After I am up in the morning, I ask myself, “What wonderful thing am I going to do today?” but what gets me out of bed is having to pee.

What really propels my life is the need to pee.