At every instant of your life you have the opportunity to fundamentally change the direction you are going. Rarely does anyone take their opportunities, but there is the possibility, and it might not take that much effort to go a new way. For example: you could say, I want to change my life strategy from being a reasonably happy well-adjusted person to becoming a miserable drunk living in rags and sleeping in bushes, and free to do anything I want, like not eating regularly and begging for food from strangers. By choosing to have no social obligations, I can just hate everyone and everything and treat them as they deserve, with contempt. At this very moment you can choose to make that resolve and walk out your door and become a free person.

I hope you perceive the sarcasm in that statement and life strategy, because that is quite obviously, by most people’s standards, a poor life choice, but sometimes perhaps it is the best one. On the other hand it is just as easy to make the opposite choice, to walk in that same door, and bring your life around into one of contentment, dressed in comfortable clothing, sleeping in a soft, warm bed in a safe home, eating tasty nourishing food whenever you are hungry and having friendly helpful people depending on your kindness and sharing their time and bounty. “Oh, it’s not that easy!” many, perhaps most people will say. But yes it is.

Just decide, that’s what I am going to do, and start doing it.