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When building a new home or church the function the various rooms are going to perform is influenced by how they are constructed. The form the room takes will influence how the people behave when they are in that room, and the function intended by the people can be enhanced when the room cooperates. The people and the room need to be adapted appropriately to accomplish the tasks the people want. The following list is intended to remind us of the various possible functions a room may take on. Check the list to be sure we have covered all our future needs.

A list of the types of rooms and their functions.

Atrium – entrance hall, anteroom, second route for exit, Emergency exits, secret passage,
Attic – Room above the main floors,
Barn – grounds equipment, garage,
Basement – underground room, vault, water tank for radiant heat storage,
Bedroom – sleeping room, dorm, guestroom, quiet room,
Belfry – for the bells, dove cote, birds’ nest, observation deck, balcony,
Cafeteria – restaurant, dining area, vending machine, refectory, kitchen, larder, pantry, dining room, dinette, lounge, refrigerator with sound wall,
Calming – babies’ room, holding room, jail, security, safe room,
Chapel – meditation room, chantry, side chapel,
Checkroom – name-tag area, coatroom, hat-room, overshoe room, genkan for shoes, ski room, personal valuables’ safe,
Classrooms – grades, nursery, homeroom, lecture-room,
Closets – every room, special use closets, coatroom, small item storage,
Conference – Den, Drawing room, parlor, meetings for 2, 5, 10, 20, 40 people
Computer room – darkroom, TV room, projection,
Common area – general socializing, dancing, gathering,
Conservatory – flower room, vegetable room, garden area,
Control room – a place for controlling and storing electronics,
Cubicle – tiny living monk cells,
Foundation stone – Symbolic fireplace, special spots, magic places, nooks, dedicated places,
Game room – gymnasium, ping pong room,
Garbage area – pick up from city, built in garbage receptacles in all rooms,
Green room – makeup, locker room, changing room, dressing room, visiting speaker’s room,
Guest Room – a visitor’s special place, bride’s room, groom’s room,
Gazebo – outdoor special places, nooks, magic view points,
Hall – Passage, special halls, leading to special places,
Laundry – janitor, closet room, personal room,
Library – reading room, study desks, carrels,
Locker room – lockable clothing compartments, foot lockers, bikes, skateboards,
Ministers – study, personal conference, meditation,
Music Room – piano room, choir room, soloist room,
Museum – display room, trophy room,
Office – administration, money safe, accounting room, mail room, waiting room,
Pet – dog room, cat room, fish room, horse stable, chickens, outdoor pens,
Sanctuary – a large private place for public events, theater, weddings, baptisms, funerals,
Sick room – a special place near office and toilets, quiet,
Sitting room – for being isolated for a while
Solarium – greenhouse, winter garden, jacuzzi, baptismal, sauna,
Spare room – a room that is always kept empty for unanticipated temporary uses
Storage – large items, tables, chairs, small storage for local use items, loading dock,
Toilet – Men’s, Women’s, Children’s, Infant’s, special needs, shower, bath,
Utility – central location for control of gas, water, electricity, water tanks, furnace room –

These were the functions I could think of. Please add more to put on the list!