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My New Year Resolution was, “See a problem, find a fix for the problem and publish the solution to the problem.” It is now a month later and I have developed that simple idea into an unconscious habit. It manifests itself in little things, such as picking up little bits of litter on the street and putting them in a trash can. Or, sometimes just placing items in a place where they will be found when needed. Or sometimes a little task like tossing a little gravel found alongside the road on icy spots that might otherwise cause someone to slip and fall.

My blog posts are also a little more aimed at finding problems and proposing fixes for them. That was the implied intention of this blog from its beginning several years ago, and is its subtitle, “Many helpful hints on living your life more successfully.” I have been pursuing similar ideas at least since November 1994 when I published, Proba 95 – Pass It On.

The world is filled with problems, so there hasn’t been a lack of something to write about, but there is always a brain lag in seeing problems. Usually it isn’t until something is annoying that one even pauses to consider a solution. The easiest strategy is just to wiggle around a problem, develop a habit for coping with the problem and move on. Thinking about a problem requires a pause, a distraction from your momentary goal, and then considering how a more universal fix might be applied to the problem. Then considering various alternate solutions, and then trying them out to see what works. Then, and this is perhaps the most important part of the whole process, getting another person to see the problem and use the solution. Just complaining about a problem doesn’t do anyone any good, and finding a personal solution only helps oneself, but finding a general solution and publishing it to the world helps everyone.

When you see a problem, any problem, publish a workable universal fix.