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I read widely each month and I read Popular Science magazine because it gives a clear and current updates on what’s happening in the world of science and technology. It usually covers the basic points of discovery. I was surprised the when two lead articles, on pages 19, 20-21 in the February 2013 issue, What’s New section are subjects which I have written about long ago. They were proposed as current events. I didn’t just write about them in shallow news reports as they did on page 20-21 about Zebrafish. That discovery was the Probaway person of the year 13 months ago and intended as the most meaningful event of the year 2011. I suggested that the Zebrafish would be that years most memorable event 500 years in the future. Page 19 has an article about Google Street Views going inside of buildings. I posted something almost identical to this 14 years ago, as Virtually Berkeley, where I did the famous 2400 block of Telegraph Avenue with 360° views, plan views and internal views and on the lead pictures pointer-linked to interesting 360° views in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Under Headlines they have an article on Moon Walker, which I like, although it seemed pedestrian, and I have written articles on this and similar subjects, on how to construct a space station and how to guide Earth collision asteroids away from impact, and how to put them to good use as elevators for lifting massive amounts of materials off the Earth almost for free. There speculative effort was an incremental variation on the latest Mars rover Curiosity.

I am nobody special, and anyone could and should have written about everything I have done, because it is all so simple and obvious. My basic strategy for writing is to observe something that needs to be fixed, and then write about how to correct the problem. A lot of people see problems, but they don’t do the next step to  design a solution to the problem. They just complain, and that doesn’t solve the public problem or their personal problem.

See a problem, find a fix for the problem, and publish your solution to the problem.