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Okay — this post is more trivial than most, but when the trivial thing is soon to be the most viewed signature in the world it isn’t tooo trivial. What compounds the interest is the currency the signature supposedly verifies is valid United States money.  Soon, this signature will possibly compete with the now forgotten name De Witt Clinton as the most monetarily valued name ever. That will almost certainly be true if the measure is the value indicated on the paper the signature is printed on. For decades De Witt Clinton’s picture and name were on the tax stamp on every pack of the billion and billions of cigarettes sold in the US.

De Witt Clinton cigarette tax stamp was on billions of cigarette packs.

De Witt Clinton cigarette tax stamp was on billions of cigarette packs.

Now we have a new name Oooooooo that will grace all of our bills. I guess it is better than Xxxxxxxx or just plain X, because that has been used already. Generally an X is a stand-in for a signature, whereas these O‘s are a real signature, and really mean something important.

Oooooooo, the new Secretary of the Treasury's signature is beautiful.

Oooooooo – The new US Secretary of the Treasury’s signature is beautifully simple.

The signature above is supposedly legitimate but it has an inverted replica at the bottom. It is a wonderfully simple single syllable name, soon to be known to everyone just like Steven. Oooooooo is a perfect symbol to be tagged on the current US debt of 16 trillion dollars.