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Art and science have things in common, but a key one is to make the world of  complex phenomena facing people into comprehensible patterns. The goal is to help us understand our world better and thus let us function within it in a way that is more satisfying to us. Science does this via research into the basic functioning of the testable real world, and then publishing for all to appreciate their findings. It attempts to use methods which can be replicated by anyone who chooses to go to the effort, and thus form a reliable contact with the fundamental processes of our world and maintain trustworthy accuracy.

Art also has the goal of revealing our potential world to us, but its methods of doing so are mediated by the practitioner’s way of exposing, as best he can in some comprehensible medium, a reality he finds intriguing. Being a human himself his interests are innately things that would appeal to human sensitivities. The goal isn’t the revelation of physical reality, as science attempts to do, but the revelation of a human reality and the mental experiences that interest humans. His efforts expand our mental constructs of the possibilities of what our world might consist of.

We love our mental realities, but we must function within our physical realities.