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Bend, Oregon, is a beautiful place year around, but here are some photos taken in the fall that are a little different that the usual mountain photos.

Smith Rocks in the distance

Smith Rocks, Oregon, seen in the distance from Pilot Butte, on a cloudy day.

An hour’s walk from Pilot Butte is Mirror Pond in downtown Bend, seen here with a warm but mysterious glow.

Mirror Pond in downtown Bend, Oregon

The Deschutes River flows through Bend and forms a quiet pond for thoughts.

Along the walk down from the butte we saw these ordinary fescues, sage, and I don’t know whats, but they looked fallish.

Wild brush on Pilot Butte

A typical view of the wild brush along the Pilot Butte trail

The complexity of the living stuff creates a visual blizzard.

Complex brush

So many different living things on a tiny patch of Earth’s surface space.

Near the edge of Mirror Pond Debbie just had to throw some leaves.

Fall. Fallen leaves get to fall again at Mirror Pond, Bend, Oregon

Last night it snowed and now it is beautiful too, but in a very different way.