People predict the future all the time, but getting accurate results from their predictions is the tricky part for humans. Gravity is about as predictable as things get, but it’s what some people do with that knowledge that gets them into trouble. Watch the Tosh.O TV show for numerous examples of people losing mental contact with the effects of gravity, if not the physical ones.

If people have trouble figuring out how gravity works, it is little wonder they have a history of not doing very well with more variable things, like what to do when a hurricane is coming their way. It is the same old thing after every hurricane – the Emergency Rescue Teams go out and rescue people who didn’t have sense enough to obey Mother Nature, and what do these people say. “Thank God.” Watch live TV  during a storm, and you will see what I mean. Now if they really believed in God, why didn’t they pay attention to Him and behave in accordance with his laws. Like the laws of gravity, and other only sightly more difficult ones, like get out of the way of really fast-moving wind. Or, here is another really tricky one. Don’t build your house on a sand spit that recently washed up on the ocean shore. Why, you just might ask? Well, follow the old precept about godly behavior – The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away – and that is especially true of sand on the ocean shore. Perhaps you should thank me, because you never thought of it that way. (That’s an example of sardonic sarcasm for those of you who might have missed it.)

Okay, so now I’m going to get some flames, for being unkind!! But really now, doesn’t that obvious stupidity give you a moment to pause and wonder about how you might react to those obviously dangerous situations sometimes, and question the possibility that you too might be pretty stupid, some of the time? Well, I know I have done some unnecessarily dumb things, but nowadays I try to limit my stupidity to non-dangerous things, and leave base jumping and living on sand spits in the ocean to others.

Now I have been trying to do kind things, instead of stupid ones, and strangely enough it’s surprisingly difficult to do. I find myself really respecting kind acts when I see them.