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This blog now has 1758 posts. They discuss many things, but most of the page views by the web-searching public are about medical problems. The numerical records are tabulated automatically by WordPress.com. The medical posts are reports about various things I have personally discovered. They often link to standard sources like Wikipedia for background clarification, but the new information in these posts is not derived from them. My goal has always been to discover new ways to approach a problem and solve it using personal observation and experimentation. I try to remember to challenge everyone I meet to do the same, and report what they discovered recently by posting it on the internet. The basic idea is that if everyone were to report publicly what they personally know about how to solve some particular problem, the world would be improved noticeably.

I haven’t been trying to make money with these blogs. My aim was to improve the world and help people live better lives, and yet a few days ago after publishing yet another improvement on how to cure migraine attacks, I discovered that the annual monetary loss of productivity due to migraine was $17 Billion in lost work hours in the US alone. Between doctor’s office visits and a huge drug industry selling billions of expensive pain relief pills it adds up over the years to trillions of dollars. A report on the years lived with disability caused by various disorders worldwide listed migraine as number 19 in overall medical problems and the number 9 disability among women. An article in Mail Online claims £140 Billion lost to migraine annually in the EU. The world-wide amount of money lost annually is similar to the US national debt, and the suffering is even worse than the debt. Migraine is a huge and unnecessary loss to humanity.

I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV, but I have published many experimental solutions to problems. A recent one was Migraine prodrome miracle cure – maybe – please try it and comment. It got some very positive reviews from the few people who found the post and tried the treatment. You are probably not a doctor either, but you probably have some good ideas on how to improve your life and some of these are applicable to other people’s problems. Post your ideas and perhaps you too can save humanity a vast amount of money lost and suffering endured.