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While on vacation in South Lake Tahoe, I have watched and listened to more US political rhetoric in the media than I can usually endure. I am horrified at the stupidity of thought that is forced upon seemingly sane people by the polemical system of government that we currently live within. One US Senator claimed our problem was that 70% of his fellow Senators were professional politicians and had zero real world experience. The ex-senator, now President Obama is known to have never had a job or earned a dime outside of his political career, and yet he talks frequently about creating jobs for the people. He has zero experience in the military, and yet he is the Commander-in-Chief, he has zero experience in high finance and yet he has tremendous influence on our nation’s economy. He depends on good information to do his job, but it has been reported that he doesn’t go to his own state of the world briefings held for him and generated at enormous expense by the CIA, but instead reads the condensation of their already brief briefs. He skims over the generalized printouts which he is said to instantly comprehend because he is so smart. He seems to be searching for rhetorical information that can be used for his speeches, rather than for what is needed to solve our nation’s problems.

He is an unfortunate example of what appears to be a system of government that is designed to be willfully blind to reality. It is all fantasy based and spin doctoring what few facts are viewed. The press which is thought to be the watch dog on government is so spin doctoring itself that what little information is available is clearly manipulated to the point where it is insane. That’s a strong word, but what else can we call it? Each politician and pundit is so dedicated to some party or agenda that they are clearly lunatics of a primal order. They doctor the information that comes their way, and are immersed in friends that abide by the same distortions that they, as a group, fill their minds with non-functioning fantasies. What is an independent observer to assume but that they believe their own vivid hallucinations and obvious nonsense? But if they do believe what they proclaim they believe, they are clearly insane by the usual definition – a danger to themselves and others. The reasons my accusations are so scary is that if they believe the hallucinations they are immersed within it is impossible for them to come to functioning conclusions and life-sustaining behavior. Unfortunately these are the people who control our media and our government.

Compile the elected officials’ lack of real world experience with the press’s bizarre lack of contact with reality, with the vast sums of money poured into obviously biased political ads intentionally trying to mislead the public; then it would seem obvious that we are on the fast track to disaster. When America, with its free institutions, can’t get the facts and their applications right, there is little chance the rest of the world, with even more controlled information and lack of a free press, will come to good solutions. Is America is as successful as it is because the rest of the world is even worse?

We live in a world of blind faith compiled from hallucinations, compounded with malice.