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Our modern world is moving towards total exposure of everyone’s private lives. This is simply a side effect of the wonderful technology of the microchip and all that it has made possible. It has made and will continue to make our lives better in many ways, but there is an associated downside to all of these wonders, a very real dark side. We will come under increasing surveillance. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For example we, especially old people, will want to wear various kinds of health monitors and when we have a problem our monitor will do what is necessary to preserve our well being. Perhaps an injection of insulin or a reminder to take our antacid pills, or perhaps if we have had an accident to notify a rescue team. These we will find helpful most of the time, but the dark side is the personal intrusions, the unwanted spying on our personal lives, on our every action, on our peccadilloes and indiscretions. These intrusions may become more intrusive than a “colonoscopy of our brain.”

Having our personal lives under a microscope at all times, and those microscopic details possibly visible to every person in the world with an online computer, will be odious. That will be inhibiting to improper behavior, but it will also be liberating too, because we will be better protected from other people’s improper behaviors. Having other people’s behavior in perfect view may have a very real upside when it comes to our politicians. The ultimate controllers of all of this spying, yes it’s spying – let’s call it what it is, will be politicians. Therefore, the politicians and their helpers are the people we should make sure have the strictest surveillance placed upon them. Those in charge of spying shouldn’t have the ability to profit by their special knowledge, but those being spied upon, the public, should be those in ultimate control. Who will control the controllers? We the people, through our instant ability to know what those ones in control of the machinery of spying are spying on and what they are doing with that information.

Who will control the controllers? We, the controlled. We the people must be the controllers or we will be destroyed.