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There has been a lot of worry recently about humans manipulating our human genome and thus intentionally selecting our future children’s qualities. Some say why shouldn’t I do everything possible to help my children succeed in life, and if I can help them avoid genetic disease and be healthier wouldn’t it be a form of child abuse not to help them? Would I be criminal not to do what is necessary to prevent my children from having a debilitating condition?

Others would claim we shouldn’t manipulate who we are as a species because the human body is sacred and shouldn’t be tampered with because it is already such a beautifully constructed creature. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – because you might totally ruin what is working okay. They would claim that we should just be contented with what we have. Of course we should accept the history of what we have because it is the reality we have been given and with which we are living, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do everything possible to improve our lives for the next instant and for our children of tomorrow.

I do believe people should be responsible for their own behavior, and they should receive the rewards and losses for their own self-chosen actions; but on observing people it soon becomes obvious that frequently they behave in obviously self-destructive ways. If society is expected to care for people’s self-inflicted disabilities, then it would seem that society has a right to prevent them from doing those things which create the disability. The individual’s disability is a disability to the whole society, not only to themselves; it is also to their family, their community and the whole of humanity. Also, by the same view, not having a child which was as healthy and intelligent and social as possible would be like bringing a disabled child into the world. That would be cruel both to the child and to the rest of humanity. Thus it seems the most moral thing to do is to support directed human evolution and to make humanity as nearly perfect as present  thinking and morally sound humans can conceive of doing. Humans have been practicing Artificial Selection on our own species for a hundred thousand years or more; see: Selection — Natural, Sexual, Artificial and Evish. Now with the help of modern science, we can accelerate the selection process and make people even better.