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Mia Hamm - Kicked her way to the top

The soccer champion Mia Hamm – Kicked her way to the top.

This blog has been pursuing kindness as a human value and on first viewing this poster it would appear that kindness was the last thing in the world Mia Hamm was pursuing the instant this photo was taken. It appears she is experiencing an extreme bout of PASSION in this instant, perhaps it was at a goal scored by her soccer team or perhaps at the other team, or perhaps at a call by the officials. This isn’t an emotion that is very familiar to me personally, but since I do recognize it with my mirror neurons it is an emotion of which I am capable.

My theory of kindness is that of helping the other person to achieve some progress along their chosen life path. To help them be in a better position mentally and physically to be who they want to be. The fine print at the bottom right of this poster says, “The foundation for a better life”. That is exactly what my thoughts for kindness are based upon, but this particular picture is of an event which creates a conflict. This person, Mia Hamm, is engaged in crushing another person. It is in sport and therefore the other person is voluntarily engaging in this activity with the goal of crushing Mia. I am not enthusiastic about the idea of defeating other people, because I want to help everyone, and yet in this situation it seems appropriate to support the person with whom I have a pre-existing relationship. I am forced to take sides. I do want the competitor to have a rich and full life, but in sport the interaction of the contending parties is what creates the life satisfaction, and therefore it is appropriate for me to assist both of these people in their quest.

I am kind to everyone even when they are contending against each other.