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On the way to the 100th anniversary of the Eidemiller family reunion in Tipp City, Ohio, I took this photograph. It shows a shadow of our plane landing at Denver’s International Airport. I liked the picture and wanted to share it. There isn’t anything super special about the photograph; it’s just being in the right place at the right time to get the alignment of quite a few factors and make them work together. The shadow is in a good place, combined with the other similar airplane showing their common shapes, and their need to share the same
runway. The building and the gas tanks, a mile and a half in the distance, give some scale to the huge grassy field. To airline travelers this would be a common enough scene, if they looked out the window at just that exact instant in time.

Airplane shadow landing in Denver International Airport.

My airplane’s shadow landing in Denver International Airport near sundown.

As we pulled off the other end of this runway only one person in the world knew what would happen before this day was fully gone. Just twelve miles across similar grassy fields, off toward downtown Denver, is a theater which at midnight was opening what was promised to be the blockbuster movie for the summer, A Dark Knight Rises. I saw that movie two days later, and by my perceptions it was a total flop, but what will make it forever memorable was the real homicides which proceeded in the theater as the fictional ones progressed on screen.

I have a tendency to assemble pattern where the associations exist but are weak. The items in the patterns are real enough but their relationships is something which is assembled. I even have an online name – Apophenio – which is a sort of technical name for my mental aberration.

A moving picture frozen in time.