Watching TV here in the contested state of Ohio is disturbing. There are lots of very negative ads against both of our Presidential candidates. Like everyone else I try to find a candidate I can support, or at the very least a candidate who minimizes the bad, but in this case both candidates appear to be too bad to even vote for the least bad. Unfortunately, with our system which needs 50% plus one vote we are forced to choose between the two top candidates, because a third-party candidate can’t get that number of votes without itself becoming the second party. This election might actually be a time when a good third-party candidate could gain some voting traction, but the coming election is far too close for some unknown to rise up. The only hope for better candidates is from serious dissatisfaction within either or both of the parties and for them to dump their current candidates. That is very unlikely because it would require a terrific scandal. But, if anyone could lead a charge for a new candidate, for either party, there is still hope.

If neither party can come up with a better candidate, all we Independents can vote for will be — NEITHER.