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I went to the movie The Dark Knight Rises this afternoon and besides my group there were only three people in attendance. I saw little to recommend this movie to the public. The audio track was so bad that honestly I couldn’t understand half the dialogue; the problem was exacerbated by an almost constant deafening low tone. The image quality was equally bad and most of the time half the screen was black, because any shadowed areas went totally black. As if that wasn’t bad enough the scene editing was so randomly fast and choppy that there was near constant mental chaos apparently created intentionally by the director. The motivations of the main characters pretended to be noble, but their behavior ruined their values. There was near constant gratuitous violence, both mental and physical, and people being tortured and murdered without any justification. Into this vicious environment of sensless violence burst a character dressed perfectly to fit onto the screen. The simulated horror on the screen became a real horror for those people who were there in the theater and for the rest of our country who weren’t.

It was a mentally sick man shooting real bullets randomly into real people, but those people in the theater were already being voluntarily abused by our entertainment industry. They went there to see simulated bullets, blood and violence but they got the real thing. That was horrible! However, Hollywood constantly spewing their simulated violence makes this real occasional violence more possible.

We need more movies on how to resolve problems without violence.