The last couple of days I have been trying to do my daily blog on computers which don’t have much power and it has been virtually impossible. Yesterday it took well over an hour of messing around to do what usually would have been done in a few minutes. What was worse was that it caused me to curse many a time, and I don’t like that. Probably there are work-arounds, but there are other things I would rather be doing with my time, so for the time being whining is the rule. A system which is designed with megabytes or even gigabytes in mind is just plain worthless with any kilobyte-level chokepoints in the system.

Since our Moore’s Law is still active for a few more years, this is a lesson worth knowing because it probably means the systems we are using now, which seem so fantastic, will seem almost useless to what we are trying to accomplish in a couple of years. The only thing that makes much sense, in an effort to keep up with technology, is to stay current by using the latest programs on the latest equipment.