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What are the implications of every human being being online? At the moment those people who live in an industrialized country, have cell phones and good computer access have a distinct advantage over those people who don’t have them, or who lack the skills to fully use them. There is now a temporary window of opportunity for those who have these special online tools and skills to use them effectively and make good money. However, we must assume that in a few years, when everyone has unlimited access to this technology and free online training on how to fully exploit the possibilities, only a person’s native intelligence and drive will be the limiting factors to their usage. Native intelligence is spread evenly throughout the world and with good online learning tools the skills of the world are now available too. Only extraordinary people with terrific drive will be making a living wage.

With common access to online learning and information all seven billion people will be competing with everyone else, and with you personally, for access to the world’s limited resources. As the world’s resources become scarce some of those other people will be living in famine areas and will be very highly motivated to get those limited resources for their personal survival. You will be forced to compete with them for your daily sustenance even though you live in a safe area a half a world away.

There is an old farmer’s saying, “Make hay while the sun shines!” The importance of that is simple enough — sometimes the sun won’t be shining and sometimes the clouds will be raining. The not very well known fact to modern city folk is that wet hay rots and then if you are that farmer and your hay gets rained upon your whole year’s efforts to create that hay has been wasted and you go hungry. The old saying, like other classic wisdom, has layers of meaning and the purport of this one is to lay up sufficient goods for your future needs when you have the opportunity, and don’t stop until the job is fully completed and your hay is safely stored.

At the moment it is still possible to make great money online but if everyone has access to this technology there will soon be a time when it will be nearly impossible. Therefore it makes sense to find a job that can’t be exported overseas either online or to a distant factory. Then own outright a tiny house as quickly as possible, and then upgrade when you can fully pay for a better one. By avoiding rent in a few years you can own a very small property and be safe from catastrophe.

Cover the absolute basics securely and then upgrade to more livable conditions.