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WIRED magazine 20.07 – July 2012 page 100-11 has a pro-drone article by the Editor in Chief – Chris Anderson. It is an exciting article to read and what becomes apparent is that the technology that brought us the smart-phone has given us everything we need to make excellent quality aerial drones. A spy drone is a smart-phone with controllable motors and propellers. Only the details were modified in their use and the thousands of drones now flying were made possible by the industry which made billions of phones and their tiny cameras. All of this is very positive and wonderful, but there is obviously a dark side to having millions and possibly billions of eyes and ears looking at us.

The United States government is elected by the people and so it would seem that we the people would have nothing to fear from our own drones watching us. The spy drones would only be used to maintain reasonable behavior and help to catch criminals and the vast majority of honest citizens would be great benefactors. Oh, if only it were so!

At the moment we do have a government which seems to be reasonable and honest and responsive to the will of the majority. I too am suppressing a bit of a laugh, but most of us have little trouble with any of the laws, except perhaps the pot laws. Even there, if a person is not a dealer and keeps his use to some private place he can usually go his merry way. I do know personally of some truly unfortunate cases, however. A very cute twenty year old guy I who often poured my coffee at my local cafe, and who was very popular with the prettiest girls, was caught with some pot. He was given a warning, but a week later he was caught again so it meant an automatic prison sentence. I couldn’t face that so he killed himself.

The real problem here as well as elsewhere is when people who don’t like us get into governmental power and thereby gain unlimited access to the air space which surrounds us. With constant surveillance all they need to do is catch you in a couple of slow rolls through stop signs and you are legally labeled a compulsive criminal and off to prison you go. As trivial as that may be, when they have legal control they don’t need much to nail you up.

Now for the real problem! The United States is no longer controlled by the people and the newly labeled 99% is totally out of power. It is no longer the 50% of the people plus one vote who are in control, but the miniscule group of perhaps less than a thousand people who selects our leaders. I posted Why we can’t trust our new ruling class, which explains this simple observation. The Supreme Court’s giving permission for unlimited undocumented funds to be funneled into political campaigns from any source whatsoever means that our government is now elected by secret money. The secret money from the same donor might or might not be going into both candidates’ super-fund, and even if it is a different donor no major candidate will be elected without lots of money – secret money.

The reason money is so important is because it buys lots of TV and other media and without media no candidate can have a chance of winning. A small percentage of voters actually study all of the election material to make good choices which maximize the likelihood of the best candidate winning. Most, or at least many, people will make their choices based on what they see on TV and certainly it is enough votes to swing most elections.

Whoever controls the secret money controls the elections. Whoever wins the elections controls the drones, and it will be their drones that will be spying on you.