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The results on a new method for avoiding the cleansing of the intestines before a colonoscopy procedure have been published at Common Health – Boston’s NPR news station. Oh, Joy! The Prospect Of Laxative-Free Colonoscopies. Read it and weep. Although the report is generally positive, when read carefully the fine print reveals some tragic flaws. First is that it is still an experimental procedure and won’t be generally available for a couple of years. Second, and far worse is that it is only capable of identifying lesions 10 mm or larger, so the cancer is already advanced. Third, it uses some X-rays. Fourth, it still requires a couple of days of taking pills. Fifth, when a small lesion is found during the old-fashioned colonoscopy procedure it is simply clipped out, but not so with this new procedure and it will require a second visit. The old way is still the best way, except for the colon cleansing procedure.

How to enjoy drinking the Colyte laxative drugs.

  1. Warm the cup of Colyte to room temperature for quick drinking.
  2. Have a cup of clear spicy flavored and pleasantly odorous room temperature beverage in a second cup, such as apple juice, lemonade or green tea.
  3. (Optional, have a large diameter flex-jointed drinking straw sunk into the Colyte.)
  4. Drink some spicy juice – take a deep breath – (place the straw to the back of the mouth) – drink the Colyte as quickly as possible – without breathing drink some more spicy juice – then breathe normally.

That all there is to it, but here are some reasons.

The method is to get the Colyte down into your stomach without tasting it by having a flavorful drink before and after the foul-tasting stuff. The reason for having the drinks at room temperature is because a whole cup of ice-cold drink is difficult to drink quickly. Using a flex jointed straw and bending it allows you to hold your head normally while drinking the Colyte at the back of your mouth. Not breathing for the sixteen seconds it takes to do these things keeps the foul odor out of your nose. Drinking a spicy tasting drink flushes away any taste on your tongue. For more detail read my posts:

The colonoscopy laxative drink made enjoyable.

Colonoscopy – and how to enjoy drinking the foul tasting purging fluids.

However, it all comes down to the few seconds of drinking the Colyte and with this procedure you never even taste it so there is no reason not to get the colonoscopy. It may save your life. Nearly everyone agrees that the procedure itself is actually easy and fun, especially if you take the sedatives the doctor offers.