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Tonight made today into another spectacular day here in Bend, Oregon because I saw Paul Liebhardt show two carousels of original 35mm Kodachrome photographs to a dozen very appreciative photographers. There are many kinds of people and Paul is a photographer who explores their variety and their humanness to the utmost. He is brilliant, quirky and honest and exudes these qualities with blazing openness, almost to the point of embarrassing me. Well, not really, but I did challenge him jokingly when he was talking explicitly about his sexual episodes publicly in front of his son and daughter-in-law. He retorted that they were consenting adults, to which I parried with I didn’t hear the consents. We all laughed.


Charles Scamahorn and Paul Liebhardt at Dudley’s Bookstore, Bend, Oregon

Rather than my blathering about his photos go to his website and look at them. There are a great many in many widely varied categories – view them all. It will be time well spent. Also, buy his photos and books!

Paul Liebhardt.com