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The old school of thought for an education was based on eventually putting the learning into action. The well educated man was one who has learned: To listen and to speak, To read and to write.

It is difficult to know what was intended by those simple words because each of them can mean so many different things. Listening and reading at first encounter appear like passive activities but they are far from passive if the receiver is careful in following the the projector of the thoughts. This implies more than just following the words being delivered, it means forming the mental linkages in one’s own mind which will build well upon what has been presented. Just speaking out when there is a pause, or even interrupting, with non sequiturs is not only discourteous it is destructive to getting the meaningful qualities out of a conversation. However, speaking out with perfect clarity and with a perfect follow on requires being a very careful listener and reader.

All people speak with remarkable ease, but the educated gentleman of old spoke with grace and precision honed by careful training. Tony Blair and Bill Clinton come to mind as readily visible people who demonstrate the qualities to be observed.

Being interesting to the point of a fault is perhaps the most essential quality of a speaker or writer, but how that is cultivated requires something special. Telling stories is perhaps the easiest way to garner attention and off-loading information is perhaps the worst. Obviously information must sometimes be given, but it is more available to the human mind when it is communicated in the form of a story.

My style is typically of the pontificating blather and is generally off putting and that is probably why my Zombie is motivated into writing this pedantic post. It is a form of exploration of my personal faults. This form seems to be okay for exploring what is going on within my own mind but it is poor for maintaining the interest of another person unless they have near identical problems. Learn to speak and write in the form of easily understood stories.

So, what is a proper action that I should be performing right now?