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[Update 2012/06/12 – I just had another prodrome and started the treatment below within a minute. I had a thermometer and the water temperature was 117°F. I held that water in my mouth, spitting it out and resupplying the hot water every 15 seconds. The flashing was less than usual and gone in 10 minutes. Next time I will try holding ice water in my mouth.]

Last month I read an article about pain and some brain experiments which showed the arteries expanded when a person’s mouth was subjected to painfully ice cold water. They claimed the cold-pain in the mouth caused the head pain which was usually associated with drinking a milkshake too fast. I doubt their experiment because I can have that particular form of head pain for half a minute after drinking the cold substance and it is no longer in my mouth. However, in that situation I can cure ice in my stomach pain by standing up and rotating quickly which sloshes the ice around in my stomach and makes the pain go away. However, this article did get me to thinking about dilating and contracting arteries in the brain, and comparing it to the published brain research that migraines are caused by faulty blood flow in the visual centers at the back of the brain. My blog post on my migraine research last month ended with, “I may be weird, but: I am looking forward to some prodromes so I can do some new experiments.”

An hour ago I finally had another migraine prodrome and had the chance to try out the new technique. It was considered only a possibility at that time – but now with a single experiment the prodrome was gone in about a minute. You really don’t need all of the background links posted down below because my experiment was so very simple and totally safe.

how I cured my migraine prodrome in a couple of minutes.

I drew water out of the hot-water tap until there was a large glass of water that was just hot enough that I could hold my finger in it without any pain. That was probably about 106°F, but I didn’t measure it. Next time I will do this experiment more scientifically. This water was quite warm but perfectly drinkable without any pain. After drinking about half a cup of the warm water, to warm my stomach, I held the next mouthful in my mouth for about fifteen seconds before swallowing and then took another mouthful and held it. Not needing more water, I spit it into the sink in fifteen seconds and immediately took another gulp of warm water into my mouth. My entire mouth was quite warm, but not painfully. I repeated this several times and after a minute or two the migraine prodrome was nearly gone and in another couple of minutes it was totally gone. That was the shortest migraine prodrome I have ever had. A couple of years ago, before I started doing various experiments they generally lasted about an hour.

Before I started the warm water treatment I had been doing about fifteen seconds of the CO2 breathing into my cupped hands and maybe fifteen seconds of strong finger tapping on the back of my head.

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This experiment is 100% personal experience and you should consider it totally a first test and nothing more. But, it worked for me and I very much would like to know if it works for anyone else. I only get migraine prodromes every couple of months so it may be a long wait before I get to do the experiment myself again.

About ten percent of people get migraine prodromes at some point in their lives and so if this cure really works it will eventually be helpful to billions of people.