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We humans are very adaptable but when I observe myself it becomes obvious that my perceptions totally change with when I take control of a new machine. It is like I become the machine. For example, I have driven cars for decades and almost everything about the operation of a standard stick shift car is as automatic with me as walking. Occasionally when something truly unexpected happens I observe that my bodily reflexes operated as quickly as they would have had the reflex had been  programmed into my DNA by millions of years of experience. I dodge the oncoming car as quickly as if it were a predator dashing toward me. I can clearly remember two times where my bodily reflexes prevented a certain impact and after the moment I realized that it, my body and not my conscience I, had saved me from grievous bodily harm. In one case had I hit the brake or gone straight ahead I wouldn’t be writing this post, because a car came through a stop sign on a totally blind intersection at high-speed, instead in an instant my Zombie self swerved radically out-of-the-way, giving just enough clearance and nothing happened. It was just a duck reflex.

Of course there have been other times when my conscious brain saved my body. When entering a freeway near San Francisco at 8 AM, rush to work hour, I noticed the person ahead of me was driving badly, so I backed off about two car lengths. The guy behind me started honking furiously with impatience but I didn’t move up. As it turned out the weirdly driving person ahead of me got broadsided by a semi truck at highway speed as he entered the freeway. The difference in this event was that my conscious brain anticipated trouble and backed off.

I have similar stories about bicycles, motorcycles, airplanes and tractors, all of which I became skilled at using at one point in my life but the point is that these physical things became like parts of my body. My habits learned to use these things as if they were literally parts of my body, even though I don’t have wheels or wings. There doesn’t seem to be a mental connection to those individual parts of the machine, instead it is a mental goal which is set, like moving along a given path toward an easily determinable momentary destination. I don’t think to change the position of the tires on the road, nor even to turn the steering wheel, rather its my eyes and general mental intention which is steering the car. The aspect of physically controlling the mechanisms of the machine is controlled by my habitual Zombie self leaving my conscious mind to think about other more overview types of things.

There are other types of machines like this computer which is also controlled by my physical actions, but whose actions are also totally disconnected from the activity I am performing. That varies a lot depending upon which part of the computer world I am attending to at any give moment but it is the same kind of disconnect from reality as when driving a car. When word processing my mind has very little to do with pressing the various keys, and is spending its energy on trying to make verbal sense of the ideas welling up from within. Perhaps, even writing with a pencil is similar, it is physical actions trying to put into visual written words ideas that are only partly formed within my mind. It is not until they are exposed that I really understand what is going to develop. Some people say their ideas write themselves, and perhaps that is true in the sense that it is their zombie self which is writing the materials. The writer is responding to the habits, mental constructs, which the persons historical consciousness payed attention to at some time in their past. We write out a summation, an amalgamation, of the things we paid attention to in our past.

Each of these ideas about my operating a machine seem to point to I and the machine blending together and becoming the same thing. We are only the physical method for my Zombie to manipulate the world to its own liking. It decides what it wants to do and then uses my body and its physical extensions as a way of making things happen to please it. As far as it is concerned I become part of the machine when I operate one and its goal is only to please itself.

When conscious of your actions train your habitual zombie to treat you well.