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This morning during one of my social group’s meetings I asked the simple question, “What spectacular thing have you done this week?” The day was still young or perhaps I should have asked, “What spectacular thing have you done today?” It impossible to know what people will say to such an open ended question and I was hoping for things which they had created themselves. Unfortunately, those who responded came up with events which they had attended, even TV shows they thought were particularly good.

I was disappointed because what I have come to expect of myself and from other people is for something to be done which no other person on earth could do. Each of us is absolutely unique and therefore each of us should be capable of generating absolutely unique new things for the general improvement of humanity.

I think that question may be a good one for the Wednesday night Socrates Cafe discussion because it will give an opportunity to explore the multitude of possibilities. It is close to one of the basic philosophical questions, “What should I do now?” The Probaway Happiness Scale would be a good starting point for discussion, because it goes from personal survival through social responsibilities and on to universal aspirations.

Of course setting goals depends totally on who you are and what options are available to you. I have found the Probaway Happiness Chart gives many options and these are based on how long and how extensive the happiness attained might be.

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Potentially anyone can spend time at any of these levels of happiness. The ones at the top of the chart are of short duration and are personal. Moving down the chart the levels are increasingly external, extensive and all inclusive.

To maximize productivity requires more time binding to the actions being performed.