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A review of Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010
by Charles Murray. This book is a must read by all policy makers anywhere in the world and especially in America and Europe. Murray, as always, carefully documents his findings and conclusions, which in turn leaves his socialist-inclined critics nothing to contest except the absolute wrongheadedness of his scientific approach. Unfortunately for his detractors, the facts are compelling and speak for themselves and he places them before us with clear charts, well written prose and carefully documented source materials. That leaves his detractors with little to confront him with but ad hominem attacks.

After a dozen pages of prologue the first chapter documents the formation of the new American elite class. Murray is famous for his book the Bell Curve and its seemingly positive effects of fitting intelligent people into occupations which are suited to their mental abilities. His many detractors of that book, the 99% who don’t fall into the class of clearly intelligent, succeeded in making that book not only controversial but hated by the majority of people. This new book will add considerable fuel to their fires because it illustrates the negative side effects of IQ testing as well as the positive ones. What has happened with three generations of sending the highest IQed people, usually measured with the SAT, in a graded fashion off to universities with a clear stratification themselves is that a new elite upper class has been created. And, with the corollary effect of consistently creaming off to universities the brightest of the working-class they have removed the bright genes from those same categories of people. Thus the bright class has become brighter and more stratified and the dull class had become dumber and more imprisoned.

This blog has complained about that problem before reading this book,

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These earlier posts illustrate what Murray is writing about in this Coming Apart book – America is now ruled by an emerging super elite and that it is even vastly more concentrated than he discusses in his book. He talks about it coming into being but I contend that it is already here and has been for quite a while.