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This blog has several times discussed migraine prodromes and offered some suggestions for coping with them. Today, there was a report in Livescience of some experiments done at Harvard Medical School where subjects were brain scanned while they were being subjected to cold induced headache. With that type of headache it was discovered there was an increased blood-flow through the anterior cerebral artery.

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The new findings are based on cold temperature in the upper mouth, which struck me as strange because when I drink iced drinks too fast the pain seems to be triggered when the cold is in my stomach and not in my mouth. The pain will go away quickly if, having drunk an iced drink too quickly, I stand up and revolve my body around my stomach doing pirouettes. What that accomplishes is to circulate the cold fluids in my stomach and permit warmer fluids to reach whatever the nerves are that are triggering the head-pain response.

With this newly reported finding it seems reasonable to add a a cup of 103°F water to the migraine prodrome treatment assemblage.  Along with the head tapping, neck message, cross-eye exercises, I have also been experimenting with breathing into a paper bag, which concentrates the body’s CO2, held over the mouth. That has been reported to help in shortening the duration of prodromes. I have modified that technique somewhat by cupping my hands tightly over my mouth to form a small volume of CO2 laden air. When held tightly that creates a pressure when breathing out and a vacuum when breathing in which enhances the gas transfer in the lungs.

I may be weird, but:

I am looking forward to some prodromes so I can do some new experiments.