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We went to watch the parade and stayed to view the festivities and visit the Earth Day booths. For a town of only eighty thousand located hundreds of miles from almost anywhere there was an amazing amount of participation. In my movie of the parade I counted approximately 520 people actually walking. Perhaps a thousand people were there altogether counting the bystanders, maybe more, so it was a good cross section of our local people. There were a lot of young kids but few high-school or college age kids – parades are not an adolescent thing.

Here comes the Ecology Parade

Here comes the 2012 Earth Day Parade in Bend, Oregon

Some girls in fancy dresses

Some Bend girls in fancy dresses with wings.

More kids in the Bend Oregon Earth Day Parade

More kids in the Bend Oregon Earth Day Parade

Bend Earth Day kids climb a tower and ring a bell

Music for ecology in Bend Oregon

A band was playing on The Bend Environmental Center's porch.

There were a few people lounging about in front of the environmental center. The dogs were very much in evidence during the 4th of July parade last year but at this event there were lots of kids and very few dogs.

There were lots of booths with ecology people giving advice on home improvements, getting signatures for causes, and just having a good time.

Bend Oregon League of conversation voters

I had a great chat with Nikki of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters

People here in Bend may be a very long way from the big city but they are very concerned with conserving the planet.