There have been many posts here on The Earth Ark Project, but it all seems too complicated for any individual to cope with, including me. I have been thinking about how to make it super simple and yet doable. The basic idea is to get millions of species of wild seeds into a permanent deep-freeze storage container near the top of Mt. Vinson in Antarctica . The logistics of collecting the seeds and arranging for their transport to that mountain top has become complicated.

Here is the new super simple plan. Purchase a standard empty shipping container already located at McMurdo Station in Antarctica and have it given a post office address. Although far away from the rest of the world McMurdo Station isn’t far from civilization; see The Antarctic Sun: News. Here is a mailing list portal for The United States Antarctic Program. Mailed envelopes appear to go without any additional cost beyond standard US Postage fees to Antarctica via the military mail service. The envelopes have typical delivery dates of under two weeks but packages are slower. With a McMurdo Station address available all anyone in the US would need to do is drop their addressed and stamped envelope in the local mail box.

There is a possible problem in that some living things are not supposed to be sent to Antarctica, and that is exactly what The Earth Ark Project is all about. The idea is to preserve living things in deep freeze. But seeds and soil samples might be considered living things. It would be a tragedy for all future humanity if seeds couldn’t be stored in permanent deep-freeze in Antarctica because of a law to protect the living things. At a year around temperature of below minus 40 degrees, and at 12,000 feet altitude, where the seeds would be stored, absolutely nothing lives in the usual sense. While the seeds were stored for a few days or months at McMurdo Station, which is near sea-level, they would be in a sealed container and they would never leave that sealed container until they were brought back to temperate regions. That return trip would hopefully never happen for a very long time, but when it did it would be possible to plant the seeds and revivify the area they came from.

Help buy a shipping container at McMurdo Station.