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I have said, “I have nothing to say” 1,600 times and yet have said something anyway. The posts which have gotten the most interest are about medical subjects, which isn’t what I consider either my primary interest or my secondary one. But, even among the medical posts the most important ones don’t get much play. Surviving heart attacks and clearing one’s arteries of plaque, as I have written about in several posts, might add a decade to the average life expectancy of humans. There is no way of knowing with reasonable scientific certainty if my methods are correct, but my personal single example of, at age 76½, having an official blood pressure of 120/69 @ 55 bpm means I must be doing something right. Or, alternatively, not doing a lot of things wrong. I do experiments on myself, easy and safe ones, when I do encounter a problem, and post the results. People love my colonoscopy purging drink method, why? – because it really works. The same for the Poison Oak itching treatment, which I discovered, which works on all skin itching. How can you know it works? Once again just do the extremely simple, safe and free experiment on your own itch and you will be an instant believer. That doesn’t require a million dollar double-blind test because it works right away. My arthritis treatment is a bit slower, but it too is almost free and a single treatment cured my problem for two years, although I am now considering doing it again. There are several more treatments, but the one everyone claims to have a cure for is the common cold; the difference is that mine really works and has every time for twenty years.

As popular and important as those medical posts have been, they are not what I consider the most important problems facing humanity. Of course living a long and healthy life is important to every individual, but my greatest interest is in humanity living a long and healthy life. At present we are living in the happiest decade that humanity has ever experienced, GASP — everyone will find plenty to complain about — but a simple proof is that our population is expanding rapidly, nearly everywhere in the world, and that couldn’t happen if there were truly serious problems. Until very recently every hundred year period humanity was within a few percentage points of the same population it began the century with, but this last century we went from 1½ billion to 7 billion. There will probably be a collapse back to a much smaller number within the lifetime of living people – of course I don’t know when, but there are limits of natural resources and when we hit a critical one things may go rotten surprisingly fast.

So, why have I, a self-confessed lazy person, written all these blog posts? It all started as a New Year’s Resolution, which I unlike most other people actually do for a whole year. At the beginning I intended to do it for a single year, but I discovered that a daily blog was a good way to discover what was actually going on within what I call my Zombie self. That is the part of me that I only know when it expresses itself in some sort of external behavior. What most people do is to just live and never give much consideration to where their behavior comes from, but I began doing self observation experiments way back in the early 60s. I knew some people who were involved with George Gurdjieff so I read his book All and Everything three times as he suggested in the introduction – first like any other book, second out loud, and third with an effort to understand what was being said and to do the experiments. I never became a member of any study group, but I did do the experiments G suggested. This blog has been an extended exploration of myself and of the humanity I have found myself immersed within.

Writing a blog is an exploration of one’s inner self.