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Presented below is a blank chart which will represent graphic data more clearly when values are expressed in percentages. The problem with a typical linear presentation of percentage data is that values that are close to zero or one hundred percent are compressed and do not display their relative importance clearly. The charting method I developed this week corrects this problem by making the data logarithmic. Some logarithmic data presented in a chart form deals with information which accelerates as it departs from some starting point and decelerates as it approaches some limit. The Log-Percentage graphing chart copes with these problems by flipping the logarithmic representation at the fifty percent line. Some types of information tend to form an S curve as they go from a low value to a high value but it is difficult to see irregularities in the curve. This new chart will result in a straight line instead of an S curve to highlight those kinds of irregularities and that is its potential value.

Logarithmic chart reversed at fifty percent

Logarithmic-Percentage chart reversed at fifty percent. Click for big view.

When you see information more clearly it becomes more useful.