My blog posts are a problem for some people because they frequently deal with issues which are far bigger than we as individuals can cope with. Some of the posts, the most popular ones, are about personal things and how to improve our relationship with our world, but the overall aim of the subtitle Life Hacks is to find workable answers to all human problems. That includes the existential problems as well as the mundane ones, and those bigger problems require a more abstract approach which is off-putting to most people. Even so, we all should think occasionally about humanity as an entity unto itself, with problems that it faces as a living entity.

These are problems which we as members of the human species must face, at some level, because we are it as much as we are individuals. We wouldn’t exist without human DNA and our species wouldn’t exist without human DNA. Our DNA is as much a part of us as is our brain or hands. The DNA of our species isn’t conscious of itself and it has no way of taking care of itself except by our actions, and for us humans our actions can be conscious and when we take good care of ourselves we are also taking care of our species DNA. The underlying imperative of both our DNA and our actions is to take care of ourselves so that we can reproduce. When we behave in ways dangerous to our DNA we are violating the basic law of life that it has programmed into us. To the degree that we do life threatening things we are worse than non-human; we are non-animal and unworthy of our genetic heritage.

We all do stupid and dangerous things occasionally, but our consciousness will warn of those things if we have raised ourselves to be a reasonable person. Furthermore, because we humans have the ability to cultivate our foresight and develop better, more life-enhancing habits, we can enhance the quality of our species DNA. That quality of foresight is in part a heritable trait and so those people who are able to cultivate foresight are improving our species by their action and by the simple act of living on while others around them, who lack sufficient foresight, are getting themselves killed earlier than they might otherwise have done. So, because you are reading this post this far, it appears you have some interest in living a long and healthy life, and so:

There is no need to feel sorry for the way things have turned out so far.