I think that most people who have known me would say that I am basically a cheerful person. My personal situation is pleasant enough, but I do have very serious concerns about the continuing health of the world. These blogs have explored many aspects of what appear to be the critical issues for the long-term health of humanity. When writing of long-term solutions for the whole species it seems more appropriate to consider ten-thousand-year solutions rather than ten-year solutions as do politicians. The present solutions discussed in the public forums don’t have a chance of being successful for the life expectancy of a newborn child. American politicians always talk of energy independence and drilling for more oil, and at the end of their term of office they have inevitably come up short of even a ten-year solution. With humanity’s exploding demand for more resources, many of which are one-time-use resources like oil, it is obvious that it won’t last forever but forever may turn out to be a surprisingly short time.

The super problems are continuing overpopulation for the long-term resources available and thus an inevitable population collapse, huge stores of superweapons and no way of controlling them. What is obviously needed is a world constitution and a world authority for limiting these things, but that is an anathema to everyone. The absolute right to have fourteen welfare children has been proven by the Octomom, so my even suggesting that she shouldn’t have that many children is roundly condemned.

What is needed is a person of sufficient leadership abilities to proclaim a population policy and to enforce it. I am an American and I prize the freedoms living here has given me, but there is one law which the Chinese have, and have enforced, and that is the one child law. I couldn’t live with all of the other problems those people have, but I would willingly live with a reasonable population policy. By having that policy they have gone from being a country with recurrent overpopulation problems and subsequent recurrent famines to a country with the possibility of reaching a permanent population balance. If the whole planet could be coaxed into a similar policy there might be hope for humanity to live on for ten thousand years, but if we continue as we are there in no hope at all only dreams.

To save our future we must create laws to be in balance with our world.