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The two most important people in our government are the President — Obama — and the Chief Justice — Roberts. They are what I see as the world’s bulldog and the bulldog’s watchdog. The unfortunate problem with the current administration is that these two dogs come from the exact same kennel. With a new presidential candidate in the running I was hoping we would have at least the potential of our new bulldog coming from a different kennel. That hope is now gone since the Republican candidate, Romney, is also from that exact same kennel with exactly the same trainers. This kennel is very small – perhaps less than a thousand dogs all told. That may seem large but with seven billion people on our planet it is a selected group of one in a million. This school predates their high office by twenty years; these guys are on the fast track to great power. They do not represent a democracy of the common people; they represent a democracy of an extremely select group of exceedingly privileged people.

I am referring to the simple fact that all three of these people have gone to Harvard Law School, and the specialty of Obama and Roberts was Constitutional Law. I haven’t found out what Romney’s relationship to that specialty is, but certainly he took some of those classes and seminars. I don’t doubt that all of these people are honest and loyal to America, but my problem with them is that they don’t represent the American people very well because they are too similar to each other. Of course they are not twin brothers but they are cousins and they don’t represent the public they claim to represent; they represent their very tiny class. It is common knowledge that politicians vote and lead the way that makes sense to them, and what makes sense to them is what will benefit themselves and people like themselves the most. But, that isn’t the 99%; it isn’t even the 1%; it’s the 1,000 or so people like themselves of the three hundred million Americans or seven billion Earthlings.

Our government is based on the separation of powers because that is the only way to secure long-term protection of the public. With the obvious concentration of power we have seen for the last four years and will now continue to see for a minimum of four more years it will mean there is grave risk to the public of losing their privacy. This is a grave risk now that computers have become so powerful and are capable of tracking everyone worth tracking. The way forward is always obscure but the concept of separation of powers is still valid and for the President to select the Supreme Court violates that principle.

The Supreme Court must be elected by the people if the people are to be safe.