Our present world is on the brink of disaster because of some simple facts. 1. The population has been doubling every 40 years. 2. Population will increase until there is something limiting it. 3. At current consumption there is the inevitability of one-time-use minerals being totally consumed. 3. There are a large number of atomic bombs ready to be used, perhaps 30,000. 4. Many different people have it within their control to use those bombs. 5. Some people are crazy.

Unless all of these potential threats can be brought under control there is an inevitability of a horrible population crash. It can be brought on by any one of these factors, but probably it will happen because of a blend of them all. With exponential growth problems the disaster doesn’t seem obvious to everyone until near the last doubling. Human population is now doubling in about forty years and therefore the end time will only be a year or so. With a population doubling versus food supply constant the population will be growing rapidly until food comes into critically short supply, but then the problem hits hard because the overabundant population will quickly consume every last morsel. When all of the available food is eaten then people will live on for a month or so on stored body fat, but while they are in that condition they will do anything whatsoever to get food. I don’t know this from personal experience, but the famine literature is clear on this issue. When people are starving they will do anything to feed themselves. This comes to the last point from above. Some people are crazy or will become crazy in a famine situation.

All of this is so obvious, it is inane to pursue the argument in a rational way. If major religious organizations with thousands of years of experience with the famine issue refuse to see the logic of controlling population to a sustainable level, then merely presenting the facts, which must have been told millions of times, can not change our destiny. We are headed toward a population disaster, and with the world population doubling in forty years or so, the disaster can’t be long in coming. Perhaps in the modern world of mass telecommunication it will be possible to create a world law which would be fair to everyone. It must be abundantly clear to everyone that it is absolutely fair, or it can not be created or enforced. If a fair population law can not be created natural forces will take over and world population must fall from our present seven billion to well below what it was when humans toiled on the land with human muscle power alone. That would be a population which existed before 1625 when there was only a half a billion people, nearly all of whom were farmers. Because the land has had much of the natural nutrients sucked out of it by modern agriculture the productivity would be even lower in the immediate future than it was back then so the population would drop even further. If there were a major war, which is likely, the population would drop even further. Perhaps it is not unreasonable to project a drop to below one tenth of a billion. That is ghastly!

There must be a better way and that way is to present the facts in a totally different way. Rather than present the horrible facts above, which will simply be woven into people’s existing thought patterns which won’t work, they must be presented in ways that will be acceptable.

I don’t know how to put these ideas into acceptable positive terms, but here is the general orientation: We want to live long and healthy lives. We want to have all of the goods and services that the world can provide. We can not have everything we want because there isn’t enough to go around. Other people should limit their children to two, so there will be enough for me and my children. We need a world population policy or outside people will simply overwhelm us. This world law is like the speed limit which benefits everyone. To control other people we need enforceable laws, which means fair laws which we are willing to obey ourselves.