Curing cancer is currently the holy grail of medicine, but so far Western medicine is having only moderate success. My having had spectacular success in discovering how to solve several perplexing medical problems it seems appropriate to mention a possible cure for cancer which I will describe below. The curriculum vitae for these obstreperous claims are: 1. Arterial disease — EmbolismsHeart AttacksWhat to do? 2. A cure for the common cold using 105°F baths. 3. Poison Oak, Poison Ivy itching cured with hot air.  4. Colonoscopy — and how to enjoy drinking the foul tasting purging fluids. These have been shown to work, and several more.

Everyone knows that cancer is extremely difficult to cure and even though huge quantities of money are spent attempting a cure, the results typically end in medical failure. Unfortunately, in the case of cancer, medical failure for the doctor means death for the patient. What will be suggested here might be a last gasp hope, or alternatively it might be a first try and a quick and nearly free total cure.

This cancer cure’s basic idea is quite simple. It is based on the observation that occasionally there have been spontaneous cures. Sometimes, the body’s immune system simply and seemingly spontaneously figures out how to eliminate the cancer from the body, and when it does figure it out the cancer is eliminated fairly quickly. The question then becomes, what triggers the immune system to identify the seminative foreign cancer cells and attack them? It is thought that cancer cells arise spontaneously frequently in the normally healthy human being, but they are destroyed immediately by the immune system. When a person develops a cancer it was the immune system simply missing a cancer cell which was just a little too similar to native cells to be recognized.

What needs to be done it to enhance the body’s immune system by challenging it to be more aggressive. For example, when the body is attacked by a flu virus this invader is not noticed at first because the immune system is in a relaxed condition, but in a day or two it recognizes the invader because the body temperature starts vacillating up and down. Then there begin the feelings of slight fever and chills even before the whole body begins to feel noticeably fatigued and sick. Then as the flu germs grow more numerous the body reacts by elevating the temperature a couple of degrees. It is a common misconception that the flu germs are  being cooked out, but those germs can stand a lot more heat than you can and you will die before they do from a simple rise in temperature. What is happening is that the various immune systems are being alerted and informed to be more active. They are in effect being told to get busy and be less discriminating on what they are permitted to kill.

From Wikipedia: fever assists the healing process in several important ways:

It has been observed that spontaneous cures from cancer have been associated with a high fever. Sometimes, people who have an ongoing cancer catch a second deadly disease like a bad cold or dengue fever. A disease which elevates the body temperature to 104°F is borderline serious in adults, but brain damage only occurs closer to 107.6 °F. I have personally observed that when I voluntarily raise my body temperature to 102°F in a hot bath, I fully recover feeling normal in about an hour. Because I raise my temperature quickly, in about a half an hour, and stay at the elevated temperature for only a few minutes there is never much feeling of annoyance. I have done this cold cure very successfully since 1993. A cure for the common cold using 105°F baths. I have never done it with cancer, but it is possible that it would work because it is a similar bodily response that is being stimulated.

If I were to apply this technique to my own body with the intent of curing a generalized cancer, I would follow the procedure in A cure for the common cold using 105°F baths exactly. Then I would wait for ten days and do it again, but this time raising my body’s temperature a half a degree higher to 102.5°F. I would wait another ten days and then raising my body’s temperature to 103°F as in the first series. Then I would wait ten days and go to the doctor for cancer tests. If there was to be any improvement using this procedure it should show up. It is a new but not very dangerous procedure and it only costs some time and a few dollars of hot water.

One thing must be made perfectly clear – this procedure can not and will not cook the cancer out, so don’t even consider getting yourself really hot. Get just hot enough to stimulate your immune system.