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I have written 1580 posts now, and I try to deal with questions that are important to helping people live better lives. Sometimes they are little things, but sometimes they are very big ones. The existential questions have been given plausible answers – Where did we come from? How did humanity arise? What should we be doing with our lives? What is morality? What is religion good for?

The problems of humanity’s long-term survival have been covered many times. What is the ideal population balance? What legal system would function to maintain a 10,000 year balance? What should be the essential qualities of a world constitution? How can we eliminate Weapons of Extermination (WOEs) from our planet. What are the real threats to our continued existence? How to save seeds and information with The Earth Ark Project. How to save animals with The Life Haven Project.

There have been many posts on how people might improve their physical lives. How to prevent and cope with heart attacks. How to eliminate itching, even poison oak itching. How to cure the common cold. Reviving some technically dead people. Some personal experiences with successful dieting. How to cope with medical procedures like colonoscopies. How to cope with migraine prodrome auras.

There have been posts on happiness and contentment and how they can be attained. What was Jesus’s real message – it isn’t what is ever discussed.

Although there haven’t been many political posts, the ones posted have dealt with the unacknowledged crisis’s issues. The anti-Constitutional concentration of political power into the Supreme Court and President. The tremendous number of nuclear weapons ready for instant deployment. The rewriting of history like December 7th, 1941. There have been some discussions of The Occupy Movement events I have attended and their effects.

There have been lengthy posts on wonderful travel sites. 100 Top Museums of the World. Quality links to the 1,000 World Heritage Sites. Some artists have been reviewed.

There have been exposures of infamous crimes and hoaxes.

There have been several technical possibilities put out for consideration. How to create vast amounts of clean energy while cooling the planet. How to run an electric car economy. How to create abundant drinkable water cheaply.

There has been an annual Probaway Person of the Year – which attempts to look into the distant future and discern what is really important today.

Numerous book reviews. And reviews of famous people.

What are the really important things I am missing?