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Today a man I very much respect accused me of being a revolutionary. I was shocked! The only sense in which I am a political US revolutionary is in the sense of supporting the goals of the Founding Fathers of our Constitution. The guiding principle for those men was the prevention of over-concentration of political power into a few hands because that would obviously lead to abuse of the people. The abuse would come about because the people of the country would have no recourse if a hegemony of power was held by a single person or small group of people.

Our country fell over a cliff from a democratically elected representative republic into a plutocracy. That is, we instantly fell from a rule by the consent of the people into a rule by the manipulators of the most money. With political elections now being controlled by the media with the most money to spend and with the advent of super-funds with unseen suppliers of unlimited quantities of money, it becomes possible for those with the most money to buy the most media coverage and control other sources of information as well as advertising. In a world ruled by sound bytes, slogans and very little rationally presented commentary it becomes a world ruled by money. Strange to say it is becoming increasingly difficult to know just what money really is when nearly all transactions take place electronically. The numbers tabulating money are based on something, but it isn’t printed paper, and it seems difficult to believe it’s gold when that is just a metal which seems to have little economic use in modern society. These things have all just become symbols, but if they are only number symbols then they can be easily manipulated. Who cares if the US national debt is 17 trillion dollars, or $17 x 1012 or $17 x 1015? It’s just as easy to write 12 or 15 but in this case the 15 means a thousand times more. But who’s counting? It’s just a fabrication anyway. The problem becomes acute when some small group can add a couple of numbers to their account and put that account into a super-fund and then swing the election to their end.

When they control the election they control the Presidency and when they control the Presidency they control the selection of the Supreme Court justices. When they control those two things they control the power to do as they wish and then to control how the law is applied to their actions and to those citizens who feel they have been violated. There is no balance of power. We as citizens should insist on the governmental powers being further separated. We the people must insist that our governmental officials be separated more clearly from each other and from hidden money bringing them into their positions of power.