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A few days ago, March 1st, Debbie and I woke up with snow in our back yard.


The snow covers our summer dining table.

Snow our the front window

Of course there was snow out our front window too.

Our front window from outside with the cat Bob's tracks.

Here's the front of our house with snow on the steps and Bob the wild cat's tracks along the window.

A view of our house from across the meadow.

We go for a short walk through a forest and meadow and stop to view our little brick house over the picket fence.

Pilot Butte Oregon in winter snow

It's so pleasant! We head out along the Base Trail for Pilot Butte a quarter mile away.

Pilot Butte Oregon in winter with rabbit tracks

The tracks of a hopping rabbit lead the way along the invisible trail.

Vies of Greenwood avenue toward downtown Bend, Oregon

In five minutes walk we join the paved road leading to the summit. The view is down Greenwood Avenue toward downtown Bend.

The road up Pilot Butte, Oregon covered in snow

It is serene but several people have preceded us up and down the Pilot Butte road.

A snow covered junction of Pilot Butte road and trail

We reach the alternate trail. It is so beautiful but we have a party to attend and head home.

Retirement isn’t for lazy people, there’s too much to do.