The supernatural claim which most scientifically inclined people would accept as valid is the interface between our existing reality and something if anything which can be defined as being outside of our universe. There might be something before The Big Bang or there might not be and there may be other universes out there, or there might not; it makes little difference for our mundane lives. However, when we do start thinking of things outside of our universe it does make some sense to say mathematics is meaningful. Or does it? Does one plus one still equal two, is pi still 3.14159 when there simply nothing, when there is no time-space-matter-energy for these concepts to be applied to?

Even between galaxies where there may be cubic kilometers of space without a single atom and it would seem to be an absolute void, still there is light passing through and still there is gravity warping the space, so any void within our universe isn’t an absolute void. If a human were in a healthy space ship everything would be normal. The void before our universe began might be even more vacant of anything which we are familiar with in our intergalactic void, or on the other hand our universe might have been born out of some black hole collapse in this other dimensionless space-time-matter-energy. Our crew in the postulated space ship might not just float around in empty space, but just instantly evaporate into total non-beingness.

None of this matters much until the possibility of a supernatural base of a non-theistic religion is posited here on our ordinary Earth. What would a person believe who considered themselves and all existence to which they have access to be born of this void? They were not brought into being by a intelligent being but by a total nothingness. Where would this person’s morality and loyalties lie? How would he answer the usual existential questions: Why am I here? What should I be doing? Where am I going when I die? Would they simply say I came from the void and I shall return to the void and there is no use wondering about those questions? But there are other questions which they should concern themselves with, like: How should I treat other people and other living things and other non-living things? What are my responsibilities to my self and my own well-being? Who and what should I trust? How can I learn to be in better harmony with the world I find myself immersed within? And many similar questions.

When one begins and ends with a Void attitude it becomes easier to locate oneself within the time and place with who and what we are and what we should be doing. It becomes easier to become a contented person within the confines of what we actually are. People like some certainties in their life, and a Voidist has some of these existential questions answered in a comfortable way. There are testable answers to many of the existential questions and when they are answered and accepted as fact then that much mental stress is relieved from their minds. They can then give over their attention to helping themselves to live a more abundant life and to helping everyone and everything else too, to live a happier, more contented existence.

A Voidist lives centered within the time-space-matter-energy he exists within.