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Ignite Bend 8 What makes you come ALIVE – GO DO THAT !

This particular slide was a high point for me from last night’s Ignite Bend 8 because it emphasized the ultimate value of personal living. This is probably the highest form of living available to almost everyone. It is an important ideal to be pursued by most people because it encourages them to get actively involved with the things they value. The poster is nicely drawn and difficult enough to read that it slows the brain down long enough to make it think about the content of the message.

I am in agreement with the message for younger people because they should seek to enhance their personal aliveness, but an older person, who has satisfied and stabilized personal necessities, can address the larger question of what the world needs. The mature person, who realizes their own mortality and that of young people too, can think in more generalized terms than personal aliveness and can seek to enhance the aliveness of all humanity.  That was what my speaking proposal to the Ignite Bend 8 community was going to be about, but I wasn’t chosen to be one of the ten speakers. The Earth Ark Project, which was to be my topic, is about the long term survival and happiness of humanity.

The audience’s median age was late 20s and the 10 presentations of 5 minutes each with 20 15-second slides was right on target for that age group. The Earth Ark Project talk might well have been a depressive subject for them. If I do present it at Ignite Bend 9, it will be more oriented to a positive message for a younger audience.

Another slide which caught my attention was the well known cognitive effect of written text overwhelming perceptual input (the Stroop test). It was nicely illustrated with the slide below. It intrigued me because this particular slide showed the effect quite well.

Color versus printed word cognitive conflictsColor versus printed word cognitive conflicts

It is very difficult to say the visual color and very easy to make the mistake of reading the text.

In the past I have done some eye-brain experiments and hope to do some experiments with this Stroop effect to get even more bizarre effects. Inserting words like dog, giraffe, color, into the mix and using more ambiguous colors, like mauve, beige and make the words in different sizes, fonts and with some of them upside down or written vertically. There are lots of possibilities, but which ones are most difficult to say quickly and correctly. Also it makes a lot of difference on what part of the word you choose to focus your attention on. A pointer arrow in a video could be used to direct the subjects attention.