One of the most serious problems today is with dishonest attacks coming from people with irrational ideological agendas. The dishonesty comes from refusing to accept clear and proven facts as a valid basis for making decisions. Their errors arise from seeking to solve problems by accepting an idea of how the world ought to be and striving directly toward that ideal without addressing the proven problems which will frustrate their reaching the desirable goal.

I believe everyone is trying to make the world a better place, and that attitude makes it easy for me to talk with people who make assumptions which may be different from mine, but which can be shown to be based on factually unreliable sources. However, just finding and showing accurate and proven facts rarely convinces people of the validity of the facts or their relationship to how behavior should be modified to cope with the verified facts. What is essential to change people’s minds is to supply ethically positive goals intermingled with the provable facts. Also, to make each fact associate closely with a positive outcome. People insist on a positive outcome, and positive affirmations of correctness every step of the way. No fact should be presented without an individually associated postulated positive assumption and positive goal based on the linking of the fact and the assumption. Perhaps, if it is a difficult case, there should be several positive linkages for every fact being presented. These are easy to do if they are legitimate and can be made obvious to the listener.

Personal attacks from speakers come from their inability to answer their interlocutor with honest rebuttals based on obvious facts and they are forced to retaliate with irrational ones. Thus when someone is seen to be responding with personal attacks and with resorting to supernatural proofs for their assertions, it is time to stop talking about facts and return to the positive goal which you hold in common.

Dishonest thinking and personal attacks are met with positive common goals.